Western Rim And Marcus Hiles

Whenever we talk about real estate in Texas then there are some things that you need to know, firstly Texas is very different from other states in the USA. It has a different environment and atmosphere, if you want to live in Texas then it is not at all a bad decision because this place can offer many things that may not be provided by other places in America. One real estate company that is popular among the people of Texas is known as Western Rim Properties, the company is responsible for providing customers and clients with the best homes and houses that are available.

Marcus Hiles- CEO at Western Rim Property Services is a key personality among the people of Texas, Marcus and Nancy Hiles are the people who have started this company and are trying to do anything that is possible in order to increase the standard of living of the people who are living in Texas. The couple wanted to start their own real estate company since a very long time, Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles vision comes true with Western Rim Properties and that is what they wanted to do. With the help of their company the couple became millionaires within a very short time. Nancy and Marcus Hiles were truly determined to start the company and they were able to do it, if anyone wants to start a company then the way and method of Marcus and Nancy Hiles.

Nancy and Marcus Hiles have proven that if someone truly wants to do something and then there is nothing that can stop him. Having a vision is more than important because it is the vision to do something that provides determination to do something, it is with the help of a vision that a person plans his steps to start a business.

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Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles: Our Success is in the Growth of the Community

Being like-minded is the key:

Philanthropists and Founders of Western Rim Properties Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles have had the dream of starting their own business during their college days. This dream was realized in 2004 when they founded Western Rim Properties. The couple faced many challenges prior and post-establishment of the firm. They give credit to their mutual interest in the cause and vision for the future. The couple has faced many hardships and it is their hard work that has brought them to this position today.

Setting examples through work ethics:

Marcus Hiles: A real estate mogul with a difference. Marcus Hiles was taught to earn his success at a very young age. Coming from a background where he had to work hard to give a structure to his dreams, goals and visions. Marcus Hiles was taught by his father to maintain work ethics and to be morally strong which he claims is the reason behind his success. His employees are always respected by him for their dedication and hard work, much like himself and thus they are never sent empty handed. It is the morals and work ethics instilled in him by his father that paved a way for being this most successful.

Everyone deserves a perfect home:

The real estate firm Western Rim Properties provides cutting edge technology in homes at affordable prices. This is a means for people with financial constraints to enjoy the luxury of a state-of-the-art home without having to worry about emptying their pockets. The founders took care of having all the good facilities like schools, colleges and workplaces close to their community homes. Their smart planning has led them to realize the dreams of many people.

Kindness doesn’t cost a thing:

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles- Success of Charity is now known by all. Although Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are successful in what they do, they are completely humble. It is their belief that the success of Western Rim Properties is attributed to their philanthropy that has them grounded despite being cocooned in luxury. Their vision and mission have always been to give back to the community and to strengthen their roots. This absolute dedication, hard work and their donations to charitable causes are the keys to their success. Every donation they make is well planned and they do extensive research on the non-profit organizations to make sure they are ethical and only then proceed further. They aim higher every year in terms of business to ensure that the donations made are also higher. They believe that their growth lies in the growth of the community. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles inspire people through their work.

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Nancy and Marcus Hiles a hard working couple, wished to have a dream home not only for themselves but for all residing in Texas. They started with a mile stone from their savings. Initially they were not such a big name but with their tiresome efforts and enthusiasm they laid the foundation of Western Rim Properties back there in 2004.

This hard working couple, start from a scratch and boast their business to leaps and bound not only due to their expertise, sweat and toil but because of their belief in charity and donations. Though spending a successful married life but by managing personal and professional time Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles made their dream come true and their business became hugely successful.


The main idea behind establishing a real estate business was to provide a peaceful and lavish life to the people resident in Texas. So starting from nil gradually and slowly the couple exceeded 20,000 planned and fully constructed residential units throughout Texas.


The actual reason behind this successful couple is mutual understanding and respect for each other. It is something well understood that behind every victorious business there is serious dedication and outstanding hard work and this couple thrived for the best with their day and night efforts. Their dream was to provide quality services to their clients and their agenda was to facilitate unexpected success to their business. This philanthropic couple and successful entrepreneurs with their joint efforts not only increase business but their policy shown that they care a lot about people. As they did not want to put burden on people they were the first to raise voice against the excessive income tax that was enforced on the real estate firms. This effort of the couple is commendable because a lot of courage is required to raise a voice openly.


Nancy Hiles is considered as a compassionate lady who has courage to keep both her personal and professional life side by side successfully. As a wining business person both also devote their life for the charity of people, they believe in donations rather than just increasing their bank balance. Their life is full of sacrifices as they participated in donation activities even during their college life. After starting Western Rim Properties this couple invest much of their capital and savings in charity for the poor and needy.

We believe that this couple will raise their business to high skies because they believe that charity begins at home and god helps those who do well for others.

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Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles: The real estate couple.

Western Rim properties: The ultimate Real Estate firm in Texas.

In the year 2004, the Western Rim Properties was established by Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles in Texas. Although there were a tough competition in Real Estate Industry in Texas, yet the couple was very interested and determined to open a real estate business in the state and had firm believe on this venture. At first they struggled all through their college life coming from weak backgrounds, they put all their life’s earnings and savings into the business, although they dint expect this huge a success but as hard work always pays, so did it happen in their case also.

Throughout the state of Texas, their company, the Western Rim Properties has in its name a number of distinctive luxurious communities. The couple ensures that the people living in these communities have access to a lot of amenities from the location. They have situated the communities in places which have easy access to schools, hospitals, areas which are job promising, etc. They also have amazing scenic views. The people who come to visit their relatives living in these communities from outside are often amazed of the luxury and lavish lifestyle of the people living here. The luxurious experience in the houses and access to good education are the prime factors that concern Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles.

Real Estate Philanthropists.

They always ensure that there is a good educational institution nearby where there are developing a community, and they even donate funds to those institutes to develop better infrastructure and make them capable to provide more opportunities to the people living in those communities they built, such is their involvement and sincerity with their work.

Not only these, the couple also donated to other schools and private universities outside their built communities as they consider it their duty to give back to the society. They also donate millions of dollars to the non-profit sectors and non-governmental organisations like for women and children shelter, etc. This have made Western Rim Properties one of the top most charitable real estate firms in Texas. The residents are quite familiar with Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles and their habit of giving and generosity.

Today the couple have sold more than seven thousand properties in their name. They are reaching new heights of success every year and similarly increasing their level of philanthropy at the same time. And that is one of the key reasons for the success of their company.

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How Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles established successful company, called Western Rim Properties

In 2004, Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles founded their company Western Rim Properties, a real estate management and development firm that specialized in creating luxurious and convenient communities for Texas families everywhere. They founded Western Rim Properties from the ground up and succeed in every possible way. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are very successful entrepreneurs.

How it all started: Western Rim Properties

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are hardworking individuals since forever. When both of them finished with education, they started to think a lot about how they want to spend their lives. They found a common point in the world of real estate business. Since then Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles dreamed about having their own real estate company. They wanted to give something different to people, they wanted to be different from other real estate companies in this field. In 2004 they decided that it is time to found their own company and so Western Rim Properties was born. They offered something new to people from Texas and it was a big success. That was the start of their common story; about how they begin being partners in business and in personal life.

Every week, Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles spent countless hour’s researching and gathering residential opinion and ideas about how they could improve people’s lives. After many sleepless nights they finally get an idea; they made the best blueprint there ever was for future home and residential developments. Their plan was to provide Construct luxury communities which will offer premier amenities and convenience, and they wanted to offer all that at affordable prices. In the end everything worked out and today they are just continuing what they started in 2004. They succeed. Today’s portfolio of Western Rim Properties is over 20,000 residential units in the best areas across the state of Texas.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are grateful to their hardworking employees and to all residents of Western Rim Properties

Both Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles sincerely believe that their lives wouldn’t be the same without the hardworking employees of Western Rim Properties and the thousands of residents that have chosen to live in their developments located across the state of Texas.

Each Western Rim Properties development is built standard with cafes, offices, large recreational spaces, walking paths and more. By ensuring that each development comes with the same amenities, the residents can live just as comfortably as Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles do in their own house at their community.

This shows that Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are aware, that only the best is good enough; as for them as for the residents who chosen to live in their developments across the state of Texas. This is clearly an indicator that they truly care for their residents.

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